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Using the 13-Sensor Flex Cables

Follow this procedure to connect and test the flex sensor cables:

  1. Be sure to update the JSON configuration file as described in the First Use section before proceeding.
  2. The flex cable connectors are located on the core module on the top and bottom of the board, nearest the USB connector: Flex connector locations
  3. Before inserting the flex cables, verify that the black locking latch on both flex connectors is in the UP/UNLOCKED position as shown in the image above.
  5. The cables are difficult to manage after they are removed so you may want to tape them to a piece of cardboard or something similar for testing as shown below. NOTE: The center sensor in each cable assembly is non-functional. Non-functional sensor
  6. The flex cables must be inserted into the flex connectors with the cable contacts facing away from the core module: Top Side Flex Cable Insertion into Connector Bottom Side Flex Cable Insertion into Connector
  7. Be sure to insert both cables completely into their connectors and press the locking latches toward the core module to close (only the top cable is shown inserted). Cable fully inserted, locking latch closed
  8. Your completed assembly might look like this: Completed assembly
  9. Position a Valve basestation within line-of-sight of the flex cable sensors. The preferred location is 5 to 10 feet away and approximately 5 feet above the sensors. You can use a Gen2 basestation or a Gen1 basestation (if using a Gen1 basestation, verify it is in mode A).
  10. Connect the core module to the computer with the USB cable, wait for the USB connection tone, and launch lighthouse_console.exe as described in the First Use section.
  11. At the lh> prompt, type the command sensorcheck and press ENTER as shown below. NOTE: If lighthouse_console does not recognize the sensorcheck command, update your SteamVR™ HDK software to the latest version. lh> sensorcheck
  12. The sensorcheck command will display basestation “hits” on each sensor as shown below. To stop the test, type the sensorcheck command again and press ENTER. Sensorcheck Data
  13. In the sensorcheck output, you will note that SensorID 12, SensorID 13 and SensorID 26 do not have data. SensorID 26 will not have data because it is not a valid sensor location since the Shoto HDK only has 26 sensors total (0 through 25). SensorID 12 and SensorID 13 do not show data because they are the non-functional sensor locations on each flex cable.