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Hello World!

Thank you for developing with Triad Semiconductor's SteamVR™ Shoto HDK. These docs will get you up and running quickly.


  1. The Shoto HDK requires that the JSON configuration file be updated prior to use with the flex cables. See First Use/Updating the JSON Config for more details.
  2. The 13 sensor flex cables have one location that is non-functional. It is the center sensor on each cable (more detail provided in Using the 13-Sensor Flex Cables). Triad will be publishing a hand-fix that you can perform to repair this sensor location.
  3. Visit for more documentation.

In the Box

Shoto SteamVR™ Tracking HDK

Up Next

  1. Unboxing and Power Up
  2. First Use/Updating the JSON Config
  3. Using the 13-Sensor Flex Cables
  4. Appendix: Shoto Core Module Hardware Information

Additional Help

Getting more help

Need additional help? See, or contact us via the chat widget on every page of this doc.