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Shoto Core Module Hardware Information

Shoto Core Module The central portion of the SteamVR Tracking HDK is the Shoto Core Module. The schematics for this module are shown below.

Download: Shoto Core Schematics (PDF)

Sheet 1 - Connectors & Indicators

Flex Connectors

Sheet 1 of the Shoto Core Module contains the high-density flex connectors J1, J2, and J3. J1 and J2 are 43-position FPC connectors with 0.3mm pin spacing. These two connectors are used to attach the Sensor Flex Assemblies to the Shoto Core Module. The J3 connector is a 33-position FPC connector with 0.3mm pin spacing that connects the Shoto Core Module to an optional Application Board.

This Application Board is not part of the Shoto HDK because the application board will be unique to your particular application. For initial concepts on this board please see: How to add a button to the Shoto HDK

Battery Connections

A battery can be hardwired to the Shoto Core Module by soldering the battery's plus terminal to J5-1 and the battery's minus terminal to J5-2.

​A battery with a standard JST-style connector can be attached via connector J6.

For more information on batteries and battery connections to the Shoto Core Module see: What batteries work with the Shoto HDK?

Sheet 1 - Connectors & Indicators